COVID-19 Protocols

As the pandemic progresses, we will continue to adhere to the DHHS and CDC protocols and guidelines.

These are the current protocols we follow daily:

Daily Health

  • Children are assisted by a teacher to wash their hands before playing in the classroom or outside every morning.
  • Communication through ProCare is essential at this time. Please complete your child’s morning in-take form. This will help the teachers stay on track to meet their individual needs.


  • Due to the different COVID-19 variants, we ask that children who are running a fever be tested at this time.
  • State guidelines are strictly followed in terms of illnesses and COVID-19 protocols.

Toys and Cleaning

  • Toys are sanitized daily or weekly depending on the age of the children in the class.
  • Toys are cleaned and disinfected in the dishwasher or washing machine weekly.
  • If a toy goes in a child’s the mouth, it is put in the sink to be disinfected immediately.
  • Toys are rotated out daily or weekly depending on the age of the children in the class.
  • Carpets are cleaned professionally with a disinfectant bi-weekly.
  • Teachers will complete extra cleaning and disinfecting tasks throughout the day depending on the time of year and illnesses occurring.
  • Stronger disinfectant is being used for all purposes at this time.
  • A cleaning crew uses stronger cleaners and disinfectants every night.