About Our Programs

We have 6 programs tailor-made for each age group from infant, to pre-kindergarten. Our classrooms grow with your child to accommodate their individual needs. Our age-specific curriculum and weekly lesson plans support development through new ideas and challenges. We never use a boxed curriculum!

Low child-to-teacher ratios ensure the one-on-one time your child needs. Our staff works together to help your child reach each developmental milestone and prepare them for the next program.

Evaluations are completed 3 times a year to help you see how far your child has progressed.

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Dazzling Doves

Early Infant Program

6 Weeks to 7 Months Old
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The Dazzling Doves are nurtured and cared for with a low child-to-teacher ratio.

One-on-one time ensures that your child reaches key developmental milestones like holding their head up, rolling over, and sitting up.

Our curriculum is personalized. Weekly lesson plans help your child reach their full potential and get ready for the next program.

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Little Lambs

Mobile Infant Program

8 to 14 Months Old
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The Little Lambs are mobile!

We encourage all children to develop their gross motor skills on their own.
We can help them whenever they need it because we maintain low child-to-teacher ratios and plenty of one-on-one time.

We take our cues from your child’s ability to pull themselves up to a standing position which progresses to taking steps on their own. Every child develops at their own pace.

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Peppy Penguins

1-Year-Old Program

14 to 24 Months Old
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The Peppy Penguins are social!

Developing your child’s social skills is crucial at this age. We focus on sharing, empathy and parallel play.

Language skills also begin to develop now. We will encourage your child to speak new words each day.

We continue to maintain low child-to-teacher ratios. Our curriculum will help your child to develop their gross motor skills further and challenge their abilities in fun ways!

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Zippy Zebras

2-Year-Old Program

2 to 3 Years Old
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The Zippy Zebras are independent!

There are 12 students and 3 teachers in this classroom. The room is also potty-training ready. We will work closely with you to help your child develop this skill.

Our curriculum encourages social skills and cooperative play. Your child’s language skills will improve as they express their likes, dislikes, happiness, and frustration to teachers and peers.

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Cuddly Cubs

Preschool Program

3 to 4 Years Old
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The Cuddly cubs are creative and cute!

Cooperative play and problem solving are essential at this age.

We keep your child’s daily schedule structured and consistent to help them prepare for pre-kindergarten. We give the children guidance and time to adjust to this schedule since it takes almost a year for them to adapt to this type of environment. Children succeed when they can anticipate what happens next.

We will help your child gain strength and independence. They will be able to write and draw as their fine motor skills develop.

Busy Beavers

Pre-Kindergarten Program

4 to 5 Years Old
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The Busy Beavers are hands-on!

This program will help your child get ready for kindergarten.

They will keep learning and mastering skills at their own pace. We encourage as much active play and hands-on learning as possible.

We will teach your child how to problem solve individually and in groups through cooperative play.
Writing and drawing will help their fine motor skills develop further.